Sunday, January 18, 2009

Superizory role

Another one I've apparently missed. This is from an article about using Plurk:
On to some extras to uberfy your plurking!

So ... uber is the new super. (I actually blogged about this several hundred years ago.) Therefore, to uberfy is to make super-duper, yes? One might say that it's akin to pimping: On to some extras to pimp your plurking!

I do like it, tho as a former student of the Germanics, I still have a hard time letting go of Mr. Herr Umlaut. (And for that matter, front rounded vowels.)

Incidentally, the article from which this comes includes a link to Plurk that is labeled as obviated for invites. I understand about invitations/invites to join certain Web-based communities, but I can't say that I can figure out exactly what the author means by obviated in this context. (Obviously, I'm not going to be getting any invites to Plurk anytime soon.)


Anonymous said...

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Jim Webster said...

Ümlaüts are sö übercööl, düde. Just ask Blue Öyster Cult.

But the Plurk thing goes right by me. Sounds like something buzzed up by a marketroid.