Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Sometimes your work is just done for you, what can I say? Over on Fritinancy, Nancy Friedman is inspired by Mark Peters of the Boston Globe to take the stem -memtum through many of its recent incarnations, which include (I steal these from him and her):
  • Joementum (Lieberman, whom Peters credits with, you know, unlocking the potential of the word).
  • Mittmentum, Obamamentum (current presidential race)
  • O-mentum (Oprah)
  • Met-mentum (New York baseball)
As an aside, I like one of the comments on her entry, in which a certain "Orange" notes that ...
Is he on crack? "O-mentum" doesn't evoke Oprah—it evokes the omentum, the great blob of peritoneal tissue that occupies some of the space around our abdominal organs.
Right, of course! That's everyone's first thought! But after they get past their medical degree, then it invokes Oprah. Sheesh.

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